Coffee Challenge

Challenge - Eat coffee

Drinking coffee? That’s far too easy…. How about we eat some? While coming through university (and yes, that was a few years ago) my favourite snack was chocolate covered coffee […]

Challenge - Try a Turkish

All the challenges up until now have been quite easy. Other than cafes that don’t sell single origin coffees, you could pretty much do any of the challenges in any […]

Challenge - Drop of cold drip

It is becoming quite a frequent occurrence to spot a cold drip at your local cafe. It’s almost like they are the barber’s pole to cafes serving “specialty coffee”, which […]

Challenge - It's mac time

If you’ve tried the “Add a drop” challenge, then the idea of ordering two espressos to compare an contrast should be something familiar. Here we go again, except this time […]

Challenge - Add a drop

When trying to expand on the experience you can get from your coffee, whether brewing it or simply consuming it, much comes down to managing variables and then adjusting only […]

Challenge - Ethiopian Coffee

Back when I started working in a cafe (this was a while ago), when someone mentioned a regional coffee, there were generally a set of fixed characteristics that went along […]

Challenge - Filter Coffee

So you’ve tried the no sugar, the no milk, and then the barista’s choice. Now it is time to take the time to enjoy a filter coffee. To prepare for […]

Challenge - Barista's Choice

In baristas we trust. If you think about it, these guys and girls hang around coffee all day long, specifically there own coffee. So who better to recommend the best […]