Coffee Roasting - First crack

Many baristas spend little time actually roasting their own coffee, and even fewer coffee consumers do, so going into details about the method of roasting the coffee certainly shows a level of expertise, but it may require a deeper explanation.

The term “Vibrant” is a positive descriptor focused mainly on the acidity of the coffee, as to say that the acidity is “fresh”. It might equally be replaced with “bright”, “zesty”, […]

You’ve probably noticed malic acid when you have bitten into a green apple and noticed a sourness.

Coffea ArabicaThe Bourbon variety is one of the 2 base types of the coffee plant Coffea Arabica. Bourbon coffee was first produced in Réunion, an island off the African coast, [...]

Sudan Rume is a legendary coffee variety originating from the Boma Plateau, located in southeastern Sudan near to the Ethiopian border. This area belongs to a region considered to be […]