Challenge #4: Filter Coffee

So you’ve tried the no sugar, the no milk, and then the barista’s choice. Now it is time to take the time to enjoy a filter coffee.

To prepare for this challenge, find a cafe with the best selection of single origin beans you can, and with really attentive staff, and then order yourself a filter coffee. You really don’t want to be ordering this with industrial coffee. Filter coffee leaves very little room to hide, and the dark burnt/bitter flavours are most certainly not welcome.

When you order this coffee, make sure you take the time to watch the entire process. Two reasons for that. Firstly, not all cafes make a filter coffee the same way, and so it is useful to understand how it was made to amend any potential impact on the flavour of the coffee. Secondly, uch of the magic of the filter coffee is in the making of it.

Goal: Order (at least) one single origin filter. Consume.
Key points: Did they wet the filter paper? Did they warm everything first?Watch the grind. Course/medium/fine grind?Ask about the water temp. 88-93 degrees?Watch the pour. How long? Did they let it bloom?Did they agitate the coffee (stir it)?Did they serve it straight away? What temp did they serve it at?
Challenge level: Moderate
Questions: The flavours will change a lot as it cools and opens up. What did you notice? Compare/contrast smell and taste at various temps.
Bonus Points: Try the same coffee as a filter again, but as for either a different water temp or grind setting. How does it change your experience?

N.B. Some cafes will not have a filter roast coffee (lighter roast). Keep note if your coffee tastes over roasted. If it does, try a different cafe.

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