Challenge #7: Uwaki (cheat on your regular)

One of the easiest way to expand your coffee experience is to venture outside the bounds of your comfortable usual cafes, and to visit somewhere new. As such, this challenge is to visit a different cafe for each coffee you have, avoiding your usual hangouts of course.

When choosing your new cafes, be sure to think about what it is that attracts you to one cafe or another. Is it the brand of coffee they use? Do they serve single origin coffees? This is a useful as it will help you identify what advertising/marketing techniques some cafes try to replicate, and that some do with out thinking.

It is also an opportunity to be a new face in the cafe. What sort of a welcome did you get? Could they possibly win you over from your usual cafe?

Goal: Avoiding you usual hangout, find a new cafe for each coffee you have.
Key points: Finding great coffee is the goal. Try not to give in too soon.
Challenge level: Moderate
Questions: What convinced you to try one cafe or another?
Did you try Google Maps or Yelp to help?
Did you follow the crowd or find somewhere completely new?
Bonus Points: Try to gauge the passion of the cafe to make awesome coffee. Did they recommend something? Maybe a filter or a single origin?

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