Challenge #6: Add a drop

When trying to expand on the experience you can get from your coffee, whether brewing it or simply consuming it, much comes down to managing variables and then adjusting only one or two at a time. As an introduction to what a small change can make, this challenge requires that you order 2 espressos (I’d recommend that you go for a single origin coffee), and am then to make the 2nd one over a dash of hot water.

In some cafes this 2nd espresso is called a baby long black, and it is surprising the difference it can make (but I’ll leave that for you to experience). If nothing else, this type of coffee always you to experience more of what the coffee can offer. Later on I’ll use this same format to slightly change other variables.

Goal: Have an espresso, and then have another espresso with a dash of hot water.
Key points: Best to try this with a single origin roast if possibleMake sure the same coffee is used for both
Challenge level: Piss easy
Questions: What did you notice about the espresso with the water?
Did you let either cool down a little?
Bonus Points: Go one better. Add a long black to the mix and see if it does something different
Maybe go the whole hog and try a mac as well 🙂

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