Challenge #3: Barista’s choice

In baristas we trust. If you think about it, these guys and girls hang around coffee all day long, specifically there own coffee. So who better to recommend the best that they have on that day, at that specific time.

So find the best cafe you can, somewhere with a few different coffees on offer, and barista that looks passionate about what they do and ask what you should have. Depending on the barista, you might end up with a filter coffee, a baby long black or something not even on the menu. Roll the dice and see what you get. I bet you’ll be happy.

Goal: Leave it up to the barista for any coffee you have for the whole day.
Key points: Anything goes. Most cafes will ask for you choice of milk or black coffee, but try not to have the same thing all day.
Challenge level: Piss easy
Questions: Did they recommend something you have not tried before?
Was it as good as, better or worse than your normal order?
Bonus Points: Did you manage to try more than one single origin coffee?
Did you try the same single origin in more than one way?


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