Coffee 101

As mentioned in the there a three traditional parts to tasting coffee, the first of which is olfaction. Below I will take a little bit more of a look into […]

While there are many aspects to¬†coffee that demand attention, for me the most important part is the consumption. For the ultimate coffee snob this is the part where you can […]

Challenge - What have you learned so far?

Before going into detail about the breakdown of different aspects of coffee, I thought the first useful step would be to define what coffee is and how it can be […]

You could say that I spend a great deal of my time drinking coffee, and you’d be absolutely right! Depending on the day I’ll have anywhere from 0 (yes….there are […]

Of late, one of the most frequently (over)used descriptives of coffee is “fruity”. As a flavour I believe it is easier to detect, but as an aroma, the odour of […]

You have likely heard of peaberry coffee, or peaberry as a part of the blend or flavour of a coffee, but what is it? Well, knowing what it is is about the only simple part of the story it seems. The rest is made up of myth, legend and more than one assumption.