Challenge #5: Ethiopian Coffee

Challenge - Ethiopian CoffeeBack when I started working in a cafe (this was a while ago), when someone mentioned a regional coffee, there were generally a set of fixed characteristics that went along with that coffee. Much like a Yirgacheffe coffee is expected to be floral, these expectations are increasingly being broken and remade.

So this challenge is more of an opportunity for exploration. Seek out an Ethiopian single origin (it is very much in season right now) and give it a try. Better yet find a couple and compare and contrast. I would recommend that you at least include a yirgacheffe and a natural Ethiopian coffee in this mix.

If you really want to taste it, take a lesson from previous challenges and drink it black. Maybe ty it both as an espresso and as a pour over. What are the differences you can pick out?

Goal: Have a couple of Ethiopian single origin coffees
Key points: Try a yirgacheffe and natural coffee (as well as anything else you can find)
Challenge level: Moderate
Questions: What flavours stuck out the most?
Was the yirgacheffe floral?
Did you have any expectations before drinking the Ethiopian coffee?
Were those expectations met?
Bonus Points: Try the same coffee with multiple brewing methods.
Compare and contrast the different aspects that arr brought out.

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