Challenge #11: Eat some coffee

Drinking coffee? That’s far too easy…. How about we eat some?

While coming through university (and yes, that was a few years ago) my favourite snack was chocolate covered coffee beans. They are so damm moreish, and delicious to boot. These days you’ll find me still chewing on the odd bean or two but less for a snack, and more to find out different things about the coffee that I’m drinking.

At the different stages of preparing your coffee, it’ll go through many different aromas and flavours. On this site I have already written about the the dry aroma, the cup aroma and the nose derived aroma, as just a start to what you can experience. By chewing on the bean, you get a chance to suck a little more out of your coffee experience.

Your tongue being a sensitive piece of kit, you’ll be able to feel things about the roast, taste things that might be too delicate to express in a espresso, or… you might get nada (such is life).

Either way, use this chance to compare and contrast and explore what your palate can derive from this delicious bean.

Goal: Find four different coffee beans, at least 1 blend, and 2 filters, and eat them
Key points: Before popping the beans in your mouth, squeeze and roll one of them between your fingers.
Challenge level: Piss easy
Questions: How did it break down? What does that tell you? When you chewed on it did it feel dry? Once it soaked up some of your spit, did the flavour develop? Di you notice layers in the coffee bean?
Bonus Points: Try this more than once.
Compare the taste and feel of an espresso bean and that of a filter.

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