Challenge #9: Drop of cold drip

It is becoming quite a frequent occurrence to spot a cold drip at your local cafe. It’s almost like they are the barber’s pole to cafes serving “specialty coffee”, which can be good or unfortunate depending on how you look at it. For many cafes they will set up a cold drip purely to look like they are serving specialty coffee and thus don’t put much effort or skill into it. And some don’t know that it requires either.

While it may look simple, there is a lot that goes into a brilliant cold drip. From the dosage, to the grind, the flow rate, the temperature, and the rest, any change in a single/multiple variable can (and likely will) impact the end result. That of course is part and parcel of what makes it fun.

N.B. Cold drip does not mean you have to drink it cold

Goal: Find 2 cafes serving cold drip. Drink and compare.
Key points: Find out what you can about the process they’ve gone through to make it.
Try it at multiple temperatures.
Challenge level: Moderate
Questions: Did it get served with ice? (ask for a 2nd glass to compare and contrast).
Did you notice a difference due to the temperature?
Think about how you would describe the experience.
Bonus Points: If available, drink the same coffee as an espresso or pour over and see what differences you can pick up.

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