Reuben Hills – Surry Hills

Coffee: Reuben Hills
Passion: 9/10
Crema: 9/10


Having heard more and more about how Reuben Hills is representing Sydney coffee I figured that it was part time for me to sit down and really give them another go. While last time I came through I was unimpressed, today’s experience was the cheese to that chalk. Sitting right in front of the espresso machine, watching it all get made was great fun.

I started off with the first coffee that caught my attention, a Kenyan Kikaiab coffee from Bungoma East district as an espresso. It proved to be a great choice as the rich, warm and somewhat caramel aroma, had me rushing to take a pic and get right into it. As I tasted the robust whack of flavour, it quickly switched to a tart slightly green berry, offering an interesting contrast. As it finished, the sides of my tongue felt heavy, and yet it still had a warm clean finish. Thumbs up…

Noticing next the batch brew,  Colombian La Cumbra, my next coffee choice was made easy. While it started empty and somewhat flavourless, giving it a few minutes to cool down and open it up brought out a heap of juicy fuji pear on my tongue and a sharp dryness in my breath. The tasting notes mentioned roasted almonds that I got once very briefly about 1/4 the way in, but it was fleeting. Unfortunately I let the final bit go a little bit far as the sweetness left a bit of an aftertaste, but it was still enjoyable… and so I wanted more…

And more I had, gong next to “The Blend” (60% Ethiopian Yiracheffe, 30% Colombian Finca San Luis, 10% Colombian Villa Margarita) which was like shoving my head into a bunch of jasmine. While the very floral aroma sad enjoyable, I was surprised how much tart fruitiness was in their blend considering it out mostly going to be drunk with milk. Still, as an espresso it offered an interesting and enjoyable experience.

All up, it seems like this is a cafe I could get very used to, and with this amount of quality coffee coming through, it seems like they finally have a nice balance. Certainly worth checking out.

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