Time to get edjumicated…

You could say that I spend a great deal of my time drinking coffee, and you’d be absolutely right! Depending on the day I’ll have anywhere from 0 (yes….there are such things as coffee free days) to 20 cups. Some might say this is excessive, and yet, without the cost constraints I would probably drink more.

While his undoubtedly puts me in to the “addict” column, with many people who seemingly can’t function without their daily hit (or three), I seem to have developed an immunity to caffeine. Yup… that’s right… when I drink too much coffee all it does is make me tired.

So what is the point? If not for the “hit”, why would anyone put themselves though the effort I seem to willingly through myself into at the drop of the hat? It is simple…. coffee can be delicious! It can be juicy! It can change and develop! It can surprise and delight.

Being the person who drinks the coffee puts me at the end of a (very long) line of passionate people who all put a portion into the coffee that many of us take for granted. Sure, the levels of passion are not always the same for each coffee, and nor are the business environments that drive the industry going to facilitate outstanding outcomes. But when it all comes together and the beans are grown well, processed, graded, shipped, roasted, ground, brewed and presented with passion… it is something to behold and experience!!

So with all the effort that goes into it, I figured I might as well put a little more effort in myself. So it is time to further my edjumication… and you are more than welcome on the journey.

Here I plan to share various bits and pieces that I find interesting along the way, with the focus on taking the enjoyment and experience of drinking coffee to a new level. Fingers xed it goes well…

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