Fruity – Aroma

Of late, one of the most frequently (over)used descriptives of coffee is “fruity”. As a flavour I believe it is easier to detect, but as an aroma, the odour of fruit can be a challenge to pick out (at least for me). It is said that the natural aroma of berries is the most common form of this aroma, but even if you stick your nose punnet of berries, you’d be hard pressed to pick out too much.

That said… if you are of the mind that the lingering taste/smell that you get as an after taste up the back of you nose counts as an aroma, then it probably won’t be too hard for you to pick out. I shall leave the difference up to you.

Something else to keep in mind is that while a fresh fruity smell might be seen as a positive, the over ripe smell of fruit might be seen as the over fermentation of the coffee cherry, and thus a potential defect in the coffee. No one siad this would be easy.. 🙂

Below are coffees that I have detected this aroma

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