What I’ve been drinking – Kenya Gachami AA (P&R 161)

While I have had this one before at P&R Gordon (frid.co/16aKqYl) I had no choice but try try it again today. “But wait” I hear you say, “look at all the options on the blackboard..”


Yeah, well… Now that you’ve brought that up, I have a little #coffeerant I’d like to share. This is the 4th time since this place has been opened that I’ve come in only to be told that either the board is not accurate, they’ve sold out of that, or some other (likely) valid excuse. Surely, it would not be that hard to accurately represent what products you are selling on a blackboard. If it is too hard to update, why not use a different system.

For a cafe I gave 10/10 I think it is time I realised that the honeymoon is over and that perhaps the inconsistency requires a step down to 9/10. It is still an awesome cafe, but as someone who cones here specifically to try out the single origin coffees, it is a massive let down.

Speaking of let downs, comparing today’s filter coffee to the one I had in Gordon pains me. Both stated off quite flavourless, which I expected, but the Gordon version opened up beautifully as it cooled, which today’s did not. Instead all I’ve been left with is a slightly south taste and a dry mouth.

I am sure they can do better.


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