What I’ve been drinking – El Salvador San Joaquin Mona (Single Origin Roasters)

If you are in or close to Sydney, you need to come try this coffee as a pour over. It is exceptional! It is also very rare. Only 60kg made it from harvest to roast, and only 7kg of that was this ‘hundreds and thousands’ grade, so no drop should be wasted.


So what was it like? The aroma was a mix of floral, rooibos tea and a light earthiness. Quite rich and delicious even before tasting it. As I sipped on it, the floral orange and rooibos mix intensified, with a slight tart and yet juicy feeling. Then as I breathed in the tart orange, I breathed out a milk chocolate. Then as the chocolate dissipated, it mellowed out it developed into more of a brown sugar mellow warmth.

All in all, it was delicious and.. I might just have to order another.

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