September 2014

Challenge - No Sugar

For many people, this will be the easiest of challenges as they already drink their coffee with no sugar. For others, this is likely going to be a rude awaking. […]

The cup aroma is where most people drinking coffee get their first experience of the coffee aroma. Of course now that you’ve read about the dry aroma fragrance you will […]

Ripping open a fresh bag of coffee and taking a good old whiff is a truly pleasurable thing (or at least it can be), but when freshly ground, it generally […]

As mentioned in the there a three traditional parts to tasting coffee, the first of which is olfaction. Below I will take a little bit more of a look into […]

While there are many aspects to¬†coffee that demand attention, for me the most important part is the consumption. For the ultimate coffee snob this is the part where you can […]

Challenge - What have you learned so far?

Before going into detail about the breakdown of different aspects of coffee, I thought the first useful step would be to define what coffee is and how it can be […]

You could say that I spend a great deal of my time drinking coffee, and you’d be absolutely right! Depending on the day I’ll have anywhere from 0 (yes….there are […]