Challenge #1: No sugar!

Challenge - No SugarFor many people, this will be the easiest of challenges as they already drink their coffee with no sugar. For others, this is likely going to be a rude awaking. Milk, sugar and other flavour additives are regularly used to cover up poorly made, over roasted or industrial flavoured coffee. Ultimately removing all of these barriers (not what I am requiring in this challenge) to actually tasting your coffee, is the final goal… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… 🙂

If you already drink your coffee without sugar and want a challenge, add 2 teaspoons of sugar into your next coffee beverage and…. enjoy…. O_o

Goal: Go a whole day with no sugar in your coffee
Key points: This is meant to shock you a little. Be aware if your cafe uses “average” coffee, this will likely taste very average!
Challenge level: Piss easy
Questions: Did you notice the difference?
Did the coffee tasted burnt/bitter?
Bonus Points: Drink a single origin coffee with no sugar, and then try it again with sugar.
Notice the difference?

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