Piccolo’s – Rozelle


Had a great feeling walking into this cafe right normal the start. It was inviting warm and friendly. Apparently now under new management, while I can’t comment on what they were like before, currently they certainly emanate the right feel for a cozy cafe.

Due to the lack of single origin coffee (which apparently they are in the process of rectifying) I started off with a mac to cover any harshness that might hide away in the house blend… but there were none. Nothing harsh at all. It was mellow, warm, slightly fruity.. and really quite enjoyable.

To test the theory further I the  grabbed an espresso and… it was also warm, mellow and a little fruity with a very clean finish. As house blends go it was one of the cleanest I’ve had in ages.

So with a great atmosphere, great coffee, and a conveniently placed free public parking lot on the street behind them, this is an easy recommendation. It will be interesting to see how they expand the range of available coffees (as I can already see they offer cold drip).

There is #powerwhoring available at the table next to the coffee machine
There is no public WiFi available
There is courtyard seating in the back.

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