In the “Coffee District”, the focus is on the coffee

Like the skills it wants to impart, the training programme offered by Host with the collaboration of the Coffee Promotion Consortium (CPC) and the Association of Italian Espresso Coffee Machines and Bar Equipment Manufacturers (Ucimac) promises to be innovative and original, and will include workshops and the sharing of important research and market data.

In the “Coffee District”, a purposely-built area, experts from the world of coffee, research institutes and international organizations will gather for a multidisciplinary event that aims to promote and capitalize on the coffee culture. The event will pay particular attention to key issues, such as national and international trends and future scenarios, and focus especially on single-portion capsules. It will also look at the relationship between Italians and their coffee, in connection with which Astra Ricerche will be presenting the findings of its research into to the myths and rituals surrounding the country‚Äôs favourite beverage. The coffee District is also the venue for a series of talks on: the relationship between coffee and the health and wellbeing of our organism; the commitment of the coffee industry to becoming more sustainable; and the training of professionals in the culture of high-quality coffee. There will also be a space dedicated to specialty products and micro-roasters.

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