El Pilon in a natural Mocha variety, from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. During his presentation in the #WBC2015 finals, Ben Put mentioned the epic journey that this coffee had to overcome to make it from Yemen to Costa Rica, and he wasn’t kidding. Here is a map to give you an idea.

Crying into an empty coffee cup cause your cafe is closed over Easter? This map should give you hope. If you find it useful, feel free to shout me a […]

With the silly season well under-way, you might be looking for some ideas on what to get your coffee snob for Xmas. Below it a list of things in various […]

**Sluuuuuurp** So you’ve seen coffee drinkers do it, and if you are honest it looks pretty dodgy. It is certainly an easy mark of a coffee snob. And yet there […]

The cup aroma is where most people drinking coffee get their first experience of the coffee aroma. Of course now that you’ve read about the dry aroma fragrance you will […]

Ripping open a fresh bag of coffee and taking a good old whiff is a truly pleasurable thing (or at least it can be), but when freshly ground, it generally […]

And so for the first *cough* “real” episode of this experiment that is BitterBliss, I’ve done a quick 101 on coffee storage. Nothing ground breaking, but if you are not already doing these things, it may help.

N.B. This is the audio only version. For the YouTube version click here