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-> I visit hundreds of cafes a year, sometimes up to 7 per day, drinking 2-5 coffees per venue
-> I’ve reviewed over 400 cafes (focused purely on the coffee) on Yelp, Google Local and now starting on Zomato
-> is getting between 3,000-7,000 hits a month
-> covers topical research areas, general rants, and a recommended cafe directory
-> Using social media to post my activities on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook I have direct audience of around 10,000-15,000 people.

So, how valuable would it be to have your brand in front of all of these people?

My name is James Fridley, and I am the person behind BitterBliss. Some of you may know me from my role as a Committee Member for the NSW branch of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association, while others know me from my many years around the coffee community. BitterBliss is a totally self funded passion project, that’s designed to record what I learn as I travel along my personal journey to become a qualified WBC Sensory Judge.
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