Diary of a “Coffee Snob”

Sydney's best cafesFor a long time I have wanted to write a book about coffee, not from the perspective of an expert, but from someone who is really passionate and enjoying the process of learning more about coffee. But I’ve tried starting that book at least 5 times so far, and tend to get pulled away on other projects. So I have a plan.

The plan is simply to go chapter by chapter and publish as I go. The great thing about this it that the 800-900 word chunks are easier for me to write and publish, and coincidentally easier for you to consume.

The other focus of this format it to help pay for coffee. At this point, BitterBliss only covers about 20% of my coffee bill, and if I can’t cover what it costs, this becomes an expensive passion project. Sure you could shout me a coffee¬†when ever you like, but I’d rather that you end up with something out of the deal.

Rather than charge you here, I have setup a Patreon account so that you can support me at whatever level you want. Think it is only worth $0.20 then that is all you should donate. I’d love closer to $1, but I’ll leave it totally up to you. It is a value for value model. So if you get any value out of BitterBliss, the directory, or anything else I do, please pledge what you can.

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