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Website Spring cleaning underway

Following a few server side issues, and random problems that were slowing down the site, I have taken the decision to nuke the site and build it up again. This […]

Japan CoffeeHunt

I have been looking forward to this opportunity to visit Japan again, and using coffee as a motivation to move around and try new things is working out brilliantly. It [...]
Judging Coffee

On a train riding home from #thecoffeeexperience and I feel exhausted but happy. Over the last couple of days, there has been a heap of ASCA competitions that I am happy to say went pretty damm well, all things considered. But more importantly (for me at least) I got to drink a heap of awesome coffee, and what could be better than that?

Hard to believe that the Aroma festival is done and dusted for another year. With all the planning that goes into it, the hard work by all those involved, it is strange to think that all of a sudden it is over in a flash.

One of the presentations that I enjoyed the most from the finals round of the #WBC2015 was that of Ben Put. For many, the vacuum sealer in the espresso round was the highlight, but for me, it was the breakdown of the impact that carbon dioxide has on coffee.

I know that I certainly didn’t understand 100% of what was said by the baristas during their presentations, and so thought there might be value in defraging (taking the presentations apart) and looking at them in more depth. [Includes: Full Transcript (multilingual)]

I’ve been looking at the impact of altitude on coffee and it seems there are a few key concepts to digest. The first is the placement of the bean belt. […]