April 2015

Coffea ArabicaThe Bourbon variety is one of the 2 base types of the coffee plant Coffea Arabica. Bourbon coffee was first produced in RĂ©union, an island off the African coast, [...]

Sudan Rume is a legendary coffee variety originating from the Boma Plateau, located in southeastern Sudan near to the Ethiopian border. This area belongs to a region considered to be […]

I know that I certainly didn’t understand 100% of what was said by the baristas during their presentations, and so thought there might be value in defraging (taking the presentations apart) and looking at them in more depth. [Includes: Full Transcript (multilingual)]

I’ve been looking at the impact of altitude on coffee and it seems there are a few key concepts to digest. The first is the placement of the bean belt. […]

Crying into an empty coffee cup cause your cafe is closed over Easter? This map should give you hope. If you find it useful, feel free to shout me a […]