Single Origin Roasters Surry Hills – COE Filter

Single Origin Roasters Colombia Bella Vista by Carmen Cecilia Patino MontoyaSure, it is a little wet outside. But that’s no excuse not to start off #coffeemornings with a bang. And a bang it is.

This little coffee is the #COE #1… The Colombia Bella Vista by Carmen Cecilia Patino Montoya. So yeah… it’s a little bit special. But does it deliver?

Well for me, the aroma is like a sweet sandalwood, nice enough you just want to stock your face in it. The
complexity of the florals is an array of flower bed like highlights, almost moving beyond floral to earthy. As it cooled the chardonnay grape like dry sweetness refreshes as the somewhat milky mouthfeel coats the top of my mouth. It has a pleasant balanced finish, especially as it cools.
And for one final treat, smell you cup after it is cold and empty and enjoy the residual maple syrup like smell.
So yes…. it was pretty special, and yes, if you can find it, you should try it. So says the #coffeemonkey 🙂


Single Origin Roasters

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