May 2015

Also got to try out the @samplecoffee Burundi Shembati again today, but this time as an espresso. Got to say that the spicy sweetness and medium body kicked the arse […]

As for how the @samplecoffee La Siberia was tasting, it was not quite as punchy as I remember, but the gentle sweetness and pleasant mouthfeel was appreciated.

Seems that @artificercoffee is following me around today. Got to drink more of the Bolivian. Not a bad option in a pinch… Lol

The @samplecoffee Burundi Shembati as a filter was a better option. Still didn’t pop that much, but the gentle stone fruit sweetness was enough to satisfy.

Downed a quick @Meccacoffee Ethiopia Dumerso, but it wasn’t quite on song today. 2nd attempt was better, but still not what you’d normally get out of it. #shithappens #coffeehunt